For the 2008 inaugural 11 Days celebration in Central Iowa, the community planning team focused on publicizing the many community events already going on which inspire, inform and involve people in creating peace on the earth, and peace with the earth.

In conjunction with this effort, the team arranged for a series of articles by local citizens to be published in the media during each of the 11 Days. Their reflections on various facets of global unity are now available online and can be accessed below.

Sept. 11 – Self
Mary Dreier, Soul of the Prairie

Sept. 12 – Compassion
The Rev. Henrietta Klarenbeek

Sept. 13 – Relationships
Nate Logsdon: President, Time for Peace

Sept. 14 – Diversity
Barbara Woods: Community Conversations on Diversity Committee

Sept. 15 – Community
Ann Campbell: Mayor of Ames

Sept. 16 – Restorative Justice
Mark Kubik: Executive Director, Center for Creative Justice

Sept. 17 – Sustainability
Joe Lynch

Sept. 18 – Global Trade
Chuck Grassley, United States Senator

Sept. 19 – Human Rights
Gary Michael Tartakov, The Alliance for Global Justice

Sept. 20 – The World
Rachel Voit, Junior | Kevin Arritt, Senior | Sarah, Senior
Ames High School

Sept. 21 – Global Unity
Several young people