September 21 – Learning, Doing, Sharing: A Lifetime of Service Building Unity in Communities
Kalen Petersen, Shellie Orngard, Jennifer Nissen

September 20 – Creating Peace in our Community
Mary Richards, AMOS volunteer

September 19 – The Art of Sharing Peace
Kristin Roach, local artist

September 18 – Envisioning Peace Through Different Faith Perspectives

September 17 – Turning conflict into opportunity through sharing peace as an elected city official
Thomas Wacha, Ames City Council First Ward Representative

September 16 – Share Justice to Share Peace
Jan Beran, community member and Kate Dobson, Ames High student

September 15 – Wealth Re-examined
Gary Guthrie, Community Supported Agriculture farmer in Nevada, Iowa

September 14 – This is Your Brain on Peace
Navvab Munirih, Expressive Healing Arts Educator and the Director of EMERGINGVOICES in Boone, Iowa

September 13 – Financial Literacy and Peace
Shazia Manus, President/CEO of Greater Iowa Credit Union

September 12 – A Canoe Lacuna
Lee Sterling Enslow, founding member of Third Stanza

September 11- The Mayor and The Mayor on Sharing Peace
Ann Campbell, Ames Mayor
Fred Hoiberg, ISU Men’s Basketball Coach