The following are responses of young people who were asked to define peace, some wished to share their name and age, some did not.

Peace is…

Peace is quit, not fight.  Yohan

Peace is love that people show you and what you show to them.

Peace is happiness and a quiet place.

Peace is equality, everybody getting along everybody together no harm no violence just like bunny rabbits and rainbows no joke I wish the world was peaceful.   Kentrey

Peace is smiling, sharing and being happy with each other.  Caity, age 10

Peace is the sign you make with your fingers – you know, like a V. Joshua, age 8

Peace is when my little brother DOESN’T knock over my Lego building.  Cindy, age 7

Peace is something that due to over zealous armed forces will never be achieved. Shelbi, age 17

Peace is something our government is doing a fine job of making sure we will never live to experience, world peace is a “what if” and nothing more … Josh, age 19

Peace is when people are united. When serenity is the mood of the populous. When people choose to compromise instead of clash.  Lea, age 14

Peace is not being in war and not fighting. If we never had 9/11/01 happen then we would be at PEACE with Iraq. I have family in Iraq and want them to be home safe and sound.   Marie, age 13

Peace is where there is no war or fighting. It’s where people love each other. That’s what I think peace is.  Michaela, age 14

Peace is a quiet place where you lie (down) and think and have a wonderful idea of what you’re going to do.  Dashawna, age 9

Peace is a quiet place to sit down and hear the wind blow and lie down and read. Daija, age 10

Peace is to have fun with my sisters and to have peace and quiet and to sit down with my sisters and have fun.  Frank, age 6

Peace is the feeling of accepting yourself.

Peace is a feeling of calmness.

Peace is like the taste of chocolate on your tongue: warm, sweet, and smooth. Ray, age 11

Peace is smiling at everyone you see and having them smile back. Peace is everything realizing everything else exists/matters. Which?   Naomi, age 12

Peace is no war.