Several years ago, I spent an evening in a canoe in the middle of Little Bass Lake in northern Minnesota knowing deep peace. It came to me in the lapping of water against the bow of the canoe, the cool breezes kissing my face, the utter quiet of the north woods singing melodies of the living and breathing earth and the stars which filled the sky and my heart with points of light and wonder.

I was, and am, filled with the awe of being one with this incredible universe, and astounded with the deep peace of simply being.

I’ve had many other moments of astounding peace, when I’ve known within every cell of my body, and deep in the very core of my soul, this incredible peace that surpasses understanding. These astoundingly peaceful moments are always surprising. There is absolutely nothing I can “do” to bring them on. No book to read, no course to complete. I just have to be open to receive them, however they come, and be awake to their magic.

A few weeks ago, I was the special friend of a wonder-filled youngster during a busy Vacation Bible School. Although it was difficult for this little one to settle into the routine shared by the other children, she loved acting and singing from the chancel to her audience of one (that would be me!) The sparkle in her eyes, and the smile from her heart as she freely shared the joy of her soul led me into that amazing place within where astounding peace dwells.

I knew the deep peace of simply being in a moment where my heartbeat matched the rhythm of the universe. As I danced internally with this astounding peace, it grew. It grew with the wild abandon of yeast hidden within the depths of warm, sweet dough. As it grew, it overflowed the warm bowl of my being into the spaces and souls around me. The universe of this busy Vacation Bible School grew a little softer as it absorbed the gift of peace which began with this young girl’s joy.

And that, I believe, is the heart of the mystery and joy of this peace that surpasses understanding. We can’t keep it. It can’t be preserved within the glass walls of a Mason jar. Our moments of deep peace come to us with a smattering of magical star dust that transforms us into the living, vital, growing yeast of a peace-filled universe.

When we’re open and awake to moments of peace, and experience them wholly and in their fullness, we are raised into being astounding, mysterious, joyful peace. As we live this astounding peace and breathe its magic into the world, the dream of a peace-filled universe becomes more real, and the sweet essence of peace fills the air around us.

And it is so good. So very, very good.

Contributed by Mary Dreier, Soul of the Prairie